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U.S. Water Heating Solutions Cast Study

by Support Admin on November 13, 2023
U.S. Water Heating Solutions Cast Study

We are excited to showcase another case study where businesses and professionals around the globe utilize Raypak models and products into their everyday world. Today we are focusing on U.S. Water Heating Solutions.

U.S. Water Heating Solutions is a family owned and operated business that was founded in early 2018 on the premise of transparency and quality, coupled with family values. Some of their staff members have over a decade of experience in the water heater industry alone, while other executive staff members have a combined 100+ years of electrical and plumbing knowledge/experience flowing through their veins. They noticed an immense need for water heater services and customer education across the Midwest, so they decided to become the solution.  With local technicians in each state, they are able to ensure that service occurs as fast as possible.

A few months ago a dream came true for U.S. Water Heating Solutions when they opened their very own, in-house training facility. They wanted their technicians to have hands-on experiences with training and the products they’d see out in the field. Raypak donated our WH7-0300B heater, which is their only conventional boiler for the training program.

-Video of training center-

Below are photos of U.S. Water Heating Solution’s New Regional Service Technician, Walt, undergoing boiler training with their Senior Service Tech, Kirk. To note, each of the units in their new training center (including this boiler) are wired with individual control boxes, enabling Kirk to replicate virtually any issue as part of the training. 

At present, the new U.S. Water Heating Solutions training center is not open to the general public. They are using this new facility for current employees only as they learn on Raypak and other products to get the best hands-on experience possible.

Thank you, U.S. Water Heating Solutions for sharing a peek behind the training center curtain to show us how your team is utilizing our products.