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Our mission is to have every pool company work together to maximize profit, minimize travel time between stops and be kind to the planet. We do this by enabling the swapping of accounts to build efficient routes.

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Pool Trader is the ONLY app that is connecting the entire pool industry to help you buy, sell and trade accounts across the globe as well as accessing great deals on materials and equipment.

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Pool Trader is a tool created by a pool professional, for pool professionals, in an effort to help make transactions simple and FREE! You might also pick up ideas for expanding your services.


Pool Trader helps you build tighter routes so you can spend less time on the road, save on fuel and other travel costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Everybody wins, even the planet!

Why our app

Pool Trader is a FREE mobile app for pool service technicians

My name is Joe Wilmot and I’m the creator of Pool Trader. I have been in the industry since 2008 and started my own pool cleaning and repair business from scratch. I started with nothing and took on almost everything that came my way, driving as much as an hour in every direction. As I was driving, I would regularly pass other pool technicians and wonder where they lived.

And there was the spark. Why aren’t pool technicians working together to have tighter routes? There was really no tool to help us. It’s taken me almost 10 years to make this dream a reality, and I’m happy to provide Pool Trader to all my fellow technicians. It’s a free app where you can go to buy, sell and trade accounts to get a tighter route!

I went from driving almost 300 miles per week to UNDER 50! I made more money and worked WAY less each day. It took me 8 years to get my route into a 5 mile radius from home. My hope is that this app can help all of you to get tighter routes in a fraction of that time.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do in the app?

Pool trader is a free app that enables anyone in the pool service industry to buy, sell or trade accounts to get tight routes

You can continue as a guest and search the map and listings to see what companies have listed. Or if you would like to make a listing, create an account and make a post

Create an account using your email and a password. Set up your details in “my account”. On the main menu, click “post” and simply fill out all the details of what you want to post.

Red = for sale
Green = wanted
Blue = service offered

Go to “My account” -> click “My Listings” -> click “Delete ad”

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Buy, sell & trade pool accounts

How awesome would it be to have your daily route in the same zip code, or neighborhood. Or even better THE SAME STREET.

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