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Pool Trader is a FREE mobile app for swimming pool service technicians

My name is Joe Wilmot and I'm the creator of Pool Trader. I have been in the industry since 2008 and started my own cleaning and repair from scratch. I started with nothing and I took on almost everything that came my way, driving as far as an hour in every direction. As I was driving I would constantly pass other pool techs and I would say to myself, "I wonder where they live?" And there was the spark. Why aren't pool techs working together to have tighter routes? There's really no tool to help us to do this. It's taken me almost 10 years to make this dream a reality, and I'm happy to provide Pool Trader to all my fellow techs. A free app where you can go to buy, sell and trade accounts to get a tighter route! I went from driving almost 300 miles per week to UNDER 50! No exaggeration. I made more money and worked WAY less each day. It took me 8 years to get my route into a 5 mile radius. My hope is that this app can help all of you to get tighter routes in a fraction of the time it took me. 

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