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Choosing The Right Pool Heater

by Support Admin on November 13, 2023
Choosing The Right Pool Heater

Choosing the right pool heater can be a daunting task. As technology and innovations evolve, it is important to have a basic knowledge of what your needs look like, and which heater is the proper fit for the job.

At Raypak we focus on pool and spa heaters that are designed for long life and low stress so you can enjoy a perfectly heated, perfectly relaxing pool experience year-round. Customers have different value systems and preferences when it comes to selecting their ideal heating solution. Whether they are looking for gas or electric or focused on sustainability or looking for a heater that works as quickly as possible, we have top-rated options across the board to fit every lifestyle, home and preference.


If you are a tech-savvy homeowner looking for mini automation and innovative technology in a simple, easy-to-use-system then AVIA is the heater for you. AVIA can monitor and control your pool heating experience plus one accessory. AVIA pairs natively with our Protégé VSP (Variable Speed Pump) to create a uniquely Raypak pool heating experience – all controlled from the onboard control, or the Raymote App. The AVIA heater with built-in controls is the only heater of its kind on the market. For pool owners looking to level up their pool or spa from a timer clock to Wi-Fi control, AVIA provides full pool heater control out of the box. No need for expensive, complex external control systems.


Want a more traditional, easy-to-use solution for heating your pool or spa? Look no further than our Digital Gas Cupronickel Pool / Spa Heaters 206A-406A, which was named by Forbes the #1 heater for 2023. The sleek and stylish Raypak heater features innovative technology designed to keep your pool or spa at the perfect temperature for your enjoyment. Built to withstand various weather conditions, this modern pool and spa heater is the perfect solution for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility. Thanks to a brilliant low-profile design, corrosion resistant cabinet made of galvanized metal, cupronickel fin tube heat exchanger, and a bevy of advanced-engineered materials, enjoying an extended swim season is a breeze. This option also utilizes ProTek Shield, a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger and extends the life of your Digital Gas Cupronickel Pool / Spa Heaters 206A-406A. Rest, soak or swim knowing that your pool heater investment can be enjoyed even longer thanks to this innovative, patent-pending technology.


The Crosswind pool and spa heater is designed with intelligence, whisper quiet operation and energy efficiency. With its whisper quiet operation, you will forget it’s there, and the compact size makes installation a breeze.

Powered by inverter technology, the Crosswind can intelligently adjust your pool or spa temperature automatically based on heating demand to save energy and money. At heater start up, the Crosswind Inverter will run at full capacity for fast heating of your pool or spa. Once the heater reaches the desired temperature it will automatically shift into maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, the Crosswind Inverter runs at a lower heating capacity while maintaining your set temperature.

The ability to modulate temperature means the system can adjust its heating capacity in small increments to maintain a constant temperature. This results in energy efficient performance, quieter run times and the perfect water temperature.

Also with this unit you can double your fun during those really hot summer days. The Crosswind can cool your pool to an enjoyable temperature. Heat and Cool Mode means you can enjoy an extended swim season. 


The Electric 3-Series Titanium heater is the latest technology in pool and spa heating. The E3T is built with titanium heating elements and 316L stainless steel to withstand extreme pool water conditions, including salt water chlorinated pools. The E3T heater operates by utilizing the latest solid-state design and flow sensor technology. The compact size makes it easy to install for new construction or replacement installations.

The E3T can be installed in smaller spaces or in indoor locations where venting a gas heater is not possible. It is also equipped with easy to use digital controls and diagnostics. Our digital control center shows the desired set point and lets you set the temperature exactly where you want it. The easy to read display allows you to see temperature, GPM flow, and diagnostics. The intuitive alert system keeps you informed.

Whether you value sustainability and low energy costs, quick-as-possible workhorse heaters, or the latest in tech integration, Raypak has the perfect solution for you!